The Joys of lingerie

I find that the best-kept secrets are just that, secrets. They hold no true allure or attraction, and you certainly can’t make statements with them because that would inadvertently destroy their purpose. The same can be said for lingerie, as beautiful and tempting as it is to keep it hush and amongst the unmentionables, we miss out on the best opportunities to look bold and beautiful, the fashion gods shed a tear. Today I’m going to be running down a few reasons why lingerie isn’t just worn to be hidden.

The styles, one of the most alluring things about buying lingerie is looking into the styles that go into their creation. The threads, material, and themes, all these make for the final product we see in the mirror. Ever seen a design so pretty you knew it would look awesome paired beneath a blazer but chickened out because it’s “underwear”? that’s the opposite effect of what the designer intended, show off that pattern!

The functionality, the sheer cut of a well-sewn teddy or bralette can create a multitude of desired effects around the cleavage area. Sometimes minimizing or maximizing the illusion of size. Do you know what that means? You’re knocking yourself off the duality of uses made available by the designer. Why limit yourself to only the practical one-layer use of lingerie when you could be making waves with the sensual effects of its designs.

Finally, it’s yours. You paid for it, you have a right to make the most out of it, regardless of its assumed purpose. Nothing says glamour like owning your sexuality and freeing your inner vixen.

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