The Tourist Fantasy

Sex can be exciting when there are no strings attached. A perfect sex with no strings attached scenario can exist when there is a visitor who will only be in town on a temporary basis. Then everyone is eager to get to know this new kid on the block but they also enjoy the fact that they don’t have to live up to developing a full-time relationship where feelings come into play.

Even though you may be with your partner on a full-time basis, this sort of ‘tourist sex’ can play out as some great sexy role play in your bedroom. Here’s how it’s done.

You can pretend you are just meeting your partner and work on some of those awkward opening lines. Once you learn that they will only be in town for a limited amount of time, you know you have to act quickly. You immediately work on taking things to the next level inviting him or her back to your place.

Once there, you can have sex with the urgency reserved for those once in a lifetime chances only.

The two of you can part casually with the understanding that none of this will happen again.

What can make this even more exciting is if your pretend that the visitor is from another country. If he or she is able to affect the accent correctly, this can make your sexual role playing character ideas even sexier.

Sex is great and roleplaying can take it to the next level. What scenarios will you be acting out in the bedroom to make your sex life more exciting?

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